We refine, market, trade and sell petroleum products and financial derivatives.

The 950+ employees in our oil division, Klesch Petroleum, are responsible for the refining, marketing, trading and physical sale of crude oil, feedstocks, petroleum and chemical products, as well as financial derivatives.

Klesch Petroleum owns and operates two refineries, Heide refinery located in Germany which was acquired from Shell in 2010 and Kalundborg Refinery located in Denmark and acquired from Equinor in 2021.

Our traders procure the crude and feedstocks for the refinery and look at the best possible routes to market for its products. They also manage our natural gas exposures and carbon exposures.

The team’s expertise and extensive market knowledge enables us to maximize the sustainability and profitability of Klesch Petroleum through the use of financial and physical contracts in both traditional and niche market areas.


We invest in industrial businesses to create long-term value.

We have a consistent record of 25 years of successful acquisitions including assets from Aegon, Alcan, Deutsche Telekom, Dynegy, Tata and Shell.

We have a targeted approach to investing in under-performing industrial commodities businesses to create value for the long term.

Leveraging our extensive operational expertise, we work closely with the management team and employees of our acquired businesses to optimise their full potential at every stage of the value chain, thus strengthening profitability and driving value.

We are active in looking to expand our activities in sectors and geographies focusing primarily on the oil & gas, chemicals, mining & metals, power, and pulp & paper sectors, and see our investments as long-term strategic initiatives with no exit horizon.