Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein visits Heide refinery to congratulate the team on their successes

Heide, Germany, July 15 2013

Torsten Albig, Schleswig-Holstein’s new Prime Minister visited Heide Refinery last Wednesday, 10th July to meet owner, A. Gary Klesch, and to commend the team on their hard work which has resulted in a successful year for the refinery. The Refinery is the second highest tax payer in the region as well as one of the largest employers on the West Coast.

Albig promised to support the refinery in tackling rail and canal infrastructure problems highlighted by refinery MD, Thomas Gerber. He was also very impressed by the cooperation between Heide and a regional Wind Energy company looking at building a Wind Farm/Hydrogen plant to supply power to the grid and hydrogen to the Refinery, demonstrating how conventional and renewable energy companies can work together.

A. Gary Klesch identified the success of Heide Refinery as a great example to other businesses struggling in Europe’s challenging economic climate. He thanked the stakeholders for their continued support, which allows for Heide’s success