A. Gary Klesch

Founder and Chairman of the Klesch Group

A. Gary Klesch is the founder and chairman of the Klesch Group. He oversees the strategic direction of the Group and is actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

Gary started his career in financial services becoming partner at the age of 24 of McDonald & Company, then one of the United States’ largest regional investment banking firms in Ohio.

He went on to be very influential in the financial services industry where he held several roles in government advising on policymaking, investment strategy, and financial negotiation. He was appointed in 1975 to the US Treasury Department as Director of Capital Market Policy during the Ford administration where he helped reorganise key principles of the US financial markets and represented the administration in negotiations regarding US Government loans and guarantees to various financially troubled entities.

In 1990 he formed Klesch and Company, a trading and M&A company, which is now the investment arm and sister company of the Klesch Group.

Today, Gary has combined this long history of financial and investment experience with his operational know-how to create a successful high-value, rapidly growing global industrial group.

Business Units management team

Neil Morris

CEO of Klesch Petroleum

Neil joined the Group in August 2014 as Klesch Petroleum’s Chief Operating Officer. In July 2015, he was promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Klesch Petroleum.

Prior to joining Klesch, Neil worked at BP for 29 years where he held a variety of senior positions including Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Global Refining, and performed a number of roles including managing a BP petrochemical plant in Canada and overseeing the technical direction of the Coryton and Grangemouth refineries.