Founded in 1990, the Klesch Group is at the heart of the industrial commodities sector

We generate long-term value through disciplined investment, operational optimisation and the mitigation of risk via commodities trading.

We specialise in the production and trading of oil, chemicals and metals, and the trading of other global commodities and related financial derivatives.

We employ 600 professionals across five locations in five countries.

Our broad product range, extensive industry expertise, and best-in-class risk management, all ensure that the Klesch Group performs consistently amidst changing markets.










We at Klesch are united by a common culture, focused on our values of accountability, adaptability, innovation and discipline.


We challenge accepted practice to find better ways of working to generate further value


Our quick decision making gives us the ability to adapt to change in pursuit of opportunities that generate value and of continuous improvement


We take responsibility for our actions and do what we say we are going to do


We apply discipline and diligence to running our business and to investing via in-depth insight and risk assessment

Our people have extensive sector industry expertise and a passion for operational rigour.

We believe that the major differentiator for the people who work at Klesch is their desire to excel within our entrepreneurial culture. We invest in our people while also challenging them to innovate and achieve growth across all of our divisions.